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Creating Tests

Main Screen

Click the Create Test button and the Create New Test dialog appears:

Create a Test Button

Create a Test

The option to choose the kind of trigger to initiate the trace is presented:

  • HTTP Request - Create a basic HTTP request.
  • RPC Request - Test and debug your RPC request.
  • Postman Collection - Define your HTTP request via a Postman collection.

Choose the trigger and click Next:

Choose Trigger

In this example, HTTP Request has been chosen.

Choose Example

Input the Name of the test and the Description or select one of the example provided in the drop down:

Choose Example Pokemon

The Pokemon - List example has been chosen. Then click Next.

Choose Example Pokemon

Add any additional information and click Create:

Create Test

The test will start:

Awaiting Trace

When the test is finished, you will get the following results:

Finished Trace

Please visit the Test Results document for an explanation of viewing the results of a test..