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If you want to use AWS X-Ray as the trace data store, you can use the native connection from Tracetest to pull telemetry data directly from any region.


Examples of configuring Tracetest with X-Ray can be found in the examples folder of the Tracetest GitHub repo.

Configure Tracetest to Use X-Ray as a Trace Data Store

Configure Tracetest to be aware that it has to fetch trace data from X-Ray.

Tracetest uses the Golang AWS-SDK library to pull to fetch trace data.


Need help configuring the OpenTelemetry Collector so send trace data from your application to AWS X-Ray? Read more in the reference page here.

Connect Tracetest to X-Ray with the Web UI

In the Web UI, (1) open Settings, and, on the (2) Configure Data Store tab, select (3) AWS X-Ray.

AWS X-Ray Settings

From the configuration page, add your AWS credentials.

You can use temporary credentials by running:

aws sts get-session-token

Lastly, you can ensure the connection is working as expected by pressing the Test Connection button.

Connect Tracetest to AWS X-Ray with the CLI

Or, if you prefer using the CLI, you can use this file config.

type: DataStore
name: AWS X-Ray
type: awsxray
default: true
accessKeyId: <your-accessKeyId>
secretAccessKey: <your-secretAccessKey>
sessionToken: <your-session-token>
region: "us-west-2"

Run this command in the terminal and specify the file above.

tracetest apply datastore -f my/data-store/file/location.yaml