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Tracetest uses the concept of Tests to define how to trigger a test against your application, define assertions against its trace data, and automate its execution. Every time a Test is triggered it will create a Run.


A test allows you to:

  • Execute a trigger, such as an HTTP request, a gRPC call, a TraceID, a Kafka queue, etc. to generate a trace.
  • Fetch the resulting trace and analyze it.
  • Add assertions against the trace data to verify the behavior of the system at every step of the request transaction.
  • The assertions can check things like HTTP status codes, database call durations, gRPC return codes, and other aspects of the distributed system's behavior.
  • Tests can be saved and run manually or as part of a CI/CD pipeline to ensure the quality and reliability of the distributed application.

A test in Tracetest is a way to define trace-based assertions that validate the end-to-end behavior of a distributed system, going beyond just UI or API-level testing.