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Test Specifications may be added to a trace to set a value for a step in the trace to determine success or failure. If test specs have already been added to a test, they will be on the Test screen:

Test Spec List

After you have created a test and your test run is complete, click the Add Test Spec button at the bottom right of the Test screen.

Add Test Spec

The Add Test Spec dialog opens.

Create Test Spec

The span that the new test spec will apply to is hightlighted in the graph view on the left:

Selected Span

To add an assertion to a span, click the first drop down to see the list of attributes that apply to the selected span:

Assertion Attributes

Then select the operator for your assertion:

Assertion Operators

And add the value for comparison:

Assertion Values

Finally, you can give your test spec an optional name and click Save Test Spec:

Save Test Spec