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Open Source vs Commercial Features

Tracetest has two distinct feature sets:

  • Hobby Self-hosted Open-source Tracetest Core: Free and available on GitHub. Contains the core trace-based testing features. Perfect for hobby usage and non-production workloads.
  • Commercial Tracetest (Cloud + On-Prem): The commercial versions of Tracetest include both a cloud-based managed version and an on-prem enterprise version. They contain more advanced features on top of Tracetest Core for larger organizations with platform and observability teams.
FeatureOpen SourceCommercial
Core Trace-based Testing Features
Trace AnalyzerYesYes
Assertion EngineYesYes
Run tests as part of CI/CDYesYes
Github Action supportYesYes
k6 supportPartial (no run groups)Yes
Artillery supportNoYes
Cypress supportNoYes
Playwright supportNoYes
Vercel integrationNoYes
Cloudflare integrationNoYes
AWS Lambda integrationNoYes
Enterprise & Advanced Features
Single Sign-on (SSO)NoYes
Runs view with filteringNoYes
Run groupsNoYes
Run tests or test suites in parallelNoYes
Secrets managementNoYes
Support for multiple polling profiles (fast vs long running tests)NoYes
TypeScript / JavaScript integrationNoYes
Run tests via the cloud with Tracetest Cloud Agent (public access)NoYes
Enterprise tools for handling Org creation, Org level tokens, scripting configuration of EnvironmentsNoYes
CLI resources for cloud managementNoYes
OTLP data stores test connectionNoYes