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Tracetest Agent

Tracetest Agent is a lightweight, dependency-free agent that runs locally in your development environment, or as a Docker container in your Cloud Native infrastructure.

How It Works

  • Tracetest Agent listens for new tests you run from Tracetest. It executes tests in the environment where it is running and returns the response from the trigger. The environment can be either localhost, Docker, or Kubernetes.
  • Tracetest Agent listens on OTLP ports 4317 (gRPC) and 4318 (HTTP) for OpenTelemetry trace spans to capture distributed trace data and relay it to Tracetest.
  • Be able to connect to a trace data store that is not accessible outside of your environment. Eg. a Jaeger instance running in the cluster without an ingress controller.
  • With both the response and trace, you build tests and create assertions with data from either or both of them.



Want to start Tracetest Agent? Check out this page to get started.