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Tracetest Analyzer Settings

Tracetest Analyzer is provided in the Tracetest application to aid in the analysis of traces and easily pinpoint issues to speed up resolution.

Create a Test

For this example, we will use the Pokemon List test provided in the Tracetest Pokeshop demo.

Start Tracetest, click the Create button and select Create New Test in the drop down:

Create a Test Button

Select the HTTP Request trigger and click Next:

Select HTTP Trigger

Select Pokemon List and click Next:

Select Pokeshop List

Select Pokeshop List Next

Leave the default values and click Create and Run:

Select Pokeshop Create Run

View the Trace Analyzer Results

The Tracetest Analyzer results help teams improve their instrumentation data, find potential problems and provide tips to fix the problems.

Analyzer Results

Click the arrow next to any category to see suggestions for trace improvements:

Analyzer Results Expanded

Disable Tracetest Analyzer

In the Tracetest UI, go to Settings and the Analyzer tab:

Analyzer Settings

Toggle Enable Analyzer for All Tests off to disable the Analyzer.

Here, you can also set the thresholds for Otel Semantic Conventions, Common Problems and Security analyzer settings.

Analyzer Settings 2

Tracetest Analyzer in the CLI

You can use Tracetest Analyzer in the CLI to analyze per individual test. Visit the Creating Transactions page for details.