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Getting Started with Tracetest

Tracetest is a cloud-native application, designed to run in the cloud. Get started in three ways.

  • Cloud-based Managed Tracetest (Free to get started!): Use managed infrastructure with collaboration for teams, and additional features on top of Tracetest Core.
  • Enterprise Self-hosted Tracetest (Coming soon...): Same experience as with Cloud-based Managed Tracetest but self-hosted in your own infrastructure. Book a call to get into early access.
  • Hobby Self-hosted Open-source Tracetest Core: Deploy a hobby instance in your own infrastructure with Docker or Kubernetes. Not suitable for production workloads.

Cloud-based Managed Tracetest

We recommend using Cloud-based Managed Tracetest. It's the easiest way to test microservices and distributed apps with OpenTelemetry distributed traces. Tracetest provides managed infrastructure, collaboration for teams, RBAC, organizations, dependency-free config, agentless serverless config, and much more.

Get started with the installation guide below, tailored for microservice and distributed app developers. You may find it insightful even if you have one of many other supported use cases.

Features Available in Cloud-based Managed Tracetest

All Tracetest Core features, plus...

  • The usual cloud-based managed capability: SSO, accounts, organizations, roles, ability to run multiple environments, sharing, and security.
  • Additional test triggers: Cypress, Playwright, k6, Artillery, with more coming soon.
  • Additional test automation options: GitHub Actions, @tracetest/client npm module, with more coming soon.
  • Grouped test runs: Organize multiple tests into a single "test run group". These tests can then be executed simultaneously in parallel. The system will wait for all tests in the group to complete before delivering a consolidated "pass/fail" outcome. This functionality is particularly beneficial for halting CI/CD processes if any test in the group fails.
  • Test coverage overview: "Run" tab to monitor actively running tests with extensive meta tagging and filtering.
  • Public + private access, with Tracetest Agent or Tracetest Cloud Agent.
  • Secrets management (coming soon...)

Hobby Self-hosted Open-source Tracetest Core

Tracetest Core is a cloud-native application, packaged and distributed as a Docker image and designed to run in a containerized environment.

Features Available in Open-source Tracetest Core

Tracetest Core functionality

  • Open-Source Features
  • Test triggers: HTTP/GRPC, Trace ID, Kafka
  • Test specifications: Selector language + Assertions
  • Test automation options: CLI + Deep Link