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Installing Tracetest

This page showcases getting started with Tracetest by using the Tracetest CLI and Tracetest Agent.

Install the Tracetest CLI

brew install kubeshop/tracetest/tracetest

Install the Tracetest Agent

Tracetest Agent runs as a standalone process. It runs either locally on your machine or as a container. Once started, Tracetest Agent exposes OTLP ports 4317 (gRPC) and 4318 (HTTP) for trace ingestion. It executes tests in the environment where it is running and returns the response from triggered tests.

tracetest start

The Agent will start and open a browser. Sign in to Tracetest.

Once signed in, return to the terminal.

Expected output:
Defaulting to only available Environment: localMode
INFO Connecting Agent with name local to Organization org_name and Environment localMode
INFO Starting Agent with name local...
Agent is started! Leave the terminal open so tests can be run and traces gathered from this environment (env_name).
You can: [type to search]:
> Open Tracetest in a browser to this environment
Stop this agent

The Tracetest Agent is running and ready to accept traces.

gRPC: http://localhost:4317

HTTP: http://localhost:4318/v1/traces