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Tools and Integrations

Tracetest can be integrated and used with other tools. See below which integrations we are working on:


  • Keptn is a powerful tool to automate the lifecycle of your application running on Kubernetes. With this integration, you can run Tracetest alongside Keptn test tasks to validate systems managed by Keptn.

  • K6 is a powerful tool to run load tests against any type of services (REST, GRPC, GraphQL, etc). It is widely used by Developers, Site Reliability Engineers and Software Engineers in Test/QA teams to find potential issues when testing real life scenarios in both controlled environments and production.

  • Testkube is a Kubernetes-native testing framework for Testers and Developers that allows you to automate the executions of your existing testing tools inside your Kubernetes cluster, removing all the complexity from your CI/CD/GitOps pipelines.