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Tools and Integrations

Tracetest can be integrated and used with other tools. See below which integrations we are working on:


  • Cypress is a JavaScript end-to-end testing framework. It is used for testing web applications by simulating user interactions within the browser. Cypress provides a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use testing environment for developers.

  • Playwright is an open-source automation framework developed by Microsoft that enables cross-browser automation for web applications. It provides a set of APIs and libraries for automating interactions with web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

  • TypeScript is essential for building dynamic web applications on both the frontend and backend, with widespread support across browsers and platforms. Its vibrant ecosystem, community backing, and adaptability make it a cornerstone of modern software development, driving innovation and meeting the evolving demands of the tech industry.

  • Keptn is a powerful tool to automate the lifecycle of your application running on Kubernetes. With this integration, you can run Tracetest alongside Keptn test tasks to validate systems managed by Keptn.

  • k6 is a powerful tool to run load tests against any type of services (REST, GRPC, GraphQL, etc). It is widely used by Developers, Site Reliability Engineers and Software Engineers in Test/QA teams to find potential issues when testing real life scenarios in both controlled environments and production.

  • Artillery is a modern, powerful load-testing toolkit. Artillery is designed to help developers and testers simulate traffic to their applications, APIs, and microservices. It allows users to define scenarios to test how their systems behave under different loads.

  • Testkube is a Kubernetes-native testing framework for Testers and Developers that allows you to automate the executions of your existing testing tools inside your Kubernetes cluster, removing all the complexity from your CI/CD/GitOps pipelines.