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CLI Reference

tracetest configure

Configure your tracetest CLI


Configure your tracetest CLI

tracetest configure [flags]


      --ci                    if cloud is used, don't ask for authentication
--environment string set environmentID, so the CLI won't ask you for it
-g, --global configuration will be saved in your home dir
-h, --help help for configure
--organization string set organizationID, so the CLI won't ask you for it
-t, --token string set authetication with token, so the CLI won't ask you for authentication

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --config string       config file will be used by the CLI (default "config.yml")
-o, --output string output format [pretty|json|yaml]
-s, --server-url string server url
-v, --verbose display debug information


  • tracetest - CLI to configure, install and execute tests on a Tracetest server
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