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CI/CD Automation

This section contains a general overview of running Tracetest in CI/CD pipelines.

You can find guides for:


If you want to see more examples with other CI/CD tools, let us know by opening an issue in GitHub!

Tracetest is designed to work with all CI/CD platforms and automation tools. To enable Tracetest to run in CI/CD environments, make sure to install the Tracetest CLI and configure it to access your Tracetest server.

To read more about integrating Tracetest with CI/CD tools, check out tutorials in our blog:

Running Tracetest CLI from Docker

Many integrations with CI/CD tools can be accomplished by running the Tracetest CLI to execute a test against a remote Tracetest server. If you do not want to install the Tracetest CLI in your environment, you can choose to directly execute it from a Docker image.

How to Use:

Use the command below, substituting the following placeholders:

  • your-tracetest-server-url - the URL to the running Tracetest server you wish to execute the test on. Example: http://localhost:11633/
  • file-path - The path to the saved Tracetest test. Example: ./mytest.yaml
docker run --rm -it -v$(pwd):$(pwd) -w $(pwd) --network host --entrypoint tracetest kubeshop/tracetest:latest -s <your-tracetest-server-url> run test --file <file-path>