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This section contains a general overview of deploying Tracetest in production. You can find platform-specific guides for:

As shown in the diagram below, a typical production Tracetest deployment consists of Postgres, an OpenTelemetry Colletor and a trace data store. But, if you do not want to use a trace data store, you can rely entirely on OpenTelemetry Collector.

Postgres stores all Tracetest-related data.

OpenTelemetry Collector ingests traces from your distributed system and forwards them to a trace data store.

A trace data store is used to store traces. Tracetest will fetch trace data from the trace data store when running tests.

Tracetest can be configured via a configuration file:

# tracetest.yaml

host: postgres
user: postgres
password: postgres
port: 5432
dbname: postgres
params: sslmode=disable

Read more in the configuration docs.

Or, continue reading to see how to run Tracetest Core in production with Docker or Kubernetes.