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Provisioning a Tracetest Server

Tracetest allows a server to be provisioned the first time a new Tracetest server is installed and launched. Provisioning sets certain resources in the server to the specified values, allowing you to configure the server. It is convenient in a CI/CD flow where you want to launch a server with a specified configuration.

The server is provisioned by specifying a series of YAML snippets which will configure various resources. Each snippet is separated with the YAML separator, ---.

Currently, the following resources can be provisioned:

  • DataStore
  • PollingProfile
  • Config
  • Demo

For Docker-based installs, the provisioning file is placed in the ./tracetest/tracetest-provisioning.yaml file by default when you run the tracetest server install command and select the Using Docker Compose option. The first time you start Tracetest with a docker compose -f tracetest/docker-compose.yaml up -d command, the server will use the contents of this file to provision the server. To provision differently, you would alter the contents of the tracetest-provisioning.yaml file before launching Tracetest in Docker.

This is an example of a tracetest-provisioning.yaml file:

type: DataStore
name: otlp
type: otlp
default: true
type: Config
analyticsEnabled: true
type: PollingProfile
name: Custom Profile
strategy: periodic
default: true
timeout: 2m
retryDelay: 3s
type: Demo
name: pokeshop
type: pokeshop
enabled: true
httpEndpoint: http://demo-api:8081
grpcEndpoint: demo-api:8082

Alternatively, we support setting an environment variable called TRACETEST_PROVISIONING to provision the server when it is first started. Base64 encode the provisioning YAML you want to utilize and set the TRACETEST_PROVISIONING environment variable with the result. The Tracetest server will then provision based on the Base64 encoded provisioning data in this environment variable the first time it is launched.