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Tracetest fetches traces from SignalFx's realm and token.


Examples of configuring Tracetest can be found in the examples folder of the Tracetest GitHub repo.

Configure Tracetest to Use SignalFx as a Trace Data Store

Configure Tracetest to be aware that it has to fetch trace data from SignalFx.


Need help configuring the OpenTelemetry Collector so send trace data from your application to SignalFx? Read more in the reference page here).

Connect Tracetest to SignalFx with the Web UI

In the Web UI, (1) open Settings, and, on the (2) Configure Data Store tab, (3) select SignalFx.

You need your SignalFx:

  • Realm
  • Token

Follow this guide.


Connect Tracetest to SignalFx with the CLI

Or, if you prefer using the CLI, you can use this file config.

type: DataStore
name: SignalFX
type: signalfx
default: true
realm: us1
token: mytoken

Proceed to run this command in the terminal, and specify the file above.

tracetest apply datastore -f my/data-store/file/location.yaml